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St Joan's Farm Dairy

Our Ice Cream

St. Joans Artisan Dairy Ice Cream
We are the original dairy ice cream producer in Surrey!!

A message from the team down on the farm!

We make our Dairy Ice Cream with the freshest milk & double cream produced on the farm. We then add a blend of sugars and other natural or nature identical ingredients to produce our hand-made Italian Artisan style Ice cream. We ensure that anything else added to the ice cream is of a natural origin, free of artificial colours and flavours; such as a mix of whole cocoas for the chocolate & whole strawberries in a natural syrup for the strawberry ice cream; that's why it isn't bright pink!! When we say "fresh" we really mean it. That's why our moto is: "From cow to freezer in under an hour"

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Wide Range of Flavours!

Hand-Made Italian Artisan Style Ice Cream!

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