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St Joan's Farm Dairy

Our Ingredients

Any Pizza is only as good as its ingredients. At Fatbobs we only use the best ingredients we can find.

Our **tomato** is specifically for the pizza market and is pure tomato with the skins and seeds removed, we add a small amount of herbs and a drop of olive oil to give you that rich Italian flavour.

We only use the finest **Mozzarella** on our pizzas, it’s never cheddar at Fatbobs!!

Our **meats** are the finest, also imported from Italy through our friends at Cibosano. We use three different **Salamis**, genuine **Prosciutto** and **Pancetta** all of which come to us whole and we use our vintage meat slicer to cut only what is needed for the day. There is no pre-packed commercial pizza meats at Fatbobs.

However, our **Ham** doesn’t come from Italy…instead, it comes from a small Farm near the South Coast where the pigs are free range and then our friends from Hammonds Butchers, a few doors down from Fatbobs make the Ham at the rear of their shop and we carve it ourselves on our slicer.

A lot of our **vegetables** come from Steve the Greengrocer a few doors away from the shop, making them fresh at all times.

If the toppings aren’t enough! Then choose from our many speciality extras, two Italian delicacies include **anchovies** and **olives**, imported from Italy.